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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Archangel Monphiel

He first appeared to me in Mid-March of 2017 when I was preparing for a channeled energy healing session. He presented himself as a very tall, strong male wearing a dark cloak. He had a sword on his right side and although he showed his wings to me, I asked him who he was because I was startled by his strong appearance. He first dictated his name to me “I am Archangel Monphiel” and told me that there are many Archangels such as himself, who are not yet known to many of us. He said that we will begin to become aware of them as we (humans) continue on our journey. 

When I asked him to show himself better, he opened a very small part of his cloak and all I could see was a blinding white light coming out from it.

I have since seen him in my studio doing work on people and directing me on how to use my own divine light to help others assist themselves.

A few days ago I was doing an Astral Energy Healing for someone and Archangel Monphiel came through to speak to this person about Love and Peace. This is what he had to say:

“When you allow peace and love to enter your body, you allow it to enter your life and you allow it to begin transforming your life with the vibration of love and peace, which means you will begin to experience love and peace from your perspective, and from the people and situations around you.

But what does it mean to live through love and peace? They are not just words that I speak of; they are actually energies that you can easily access at will. When you put your will towards achieving this “in you”, you begin to move the wheels of time and existences. And these energies begin to take effect into your own personal vibration and allowing that vibration to alter itself according to these energies. So they are not just words, they are energy frequencies; we need to use words so you can understand where to go from there.

Because the words themselves carry a type of vibration in them, you can begin to chant or say to yourself “love and peace in me, love and peace in me, love and peace in me” and begin to repeat these words so that your psyche begins to acknowledge them and to tap more and more into these vibrations, but eventually we will also ask you to feel them more in more in your heart as you repeat them so that they have a stronger hold  on you, so that you can have a stronger hold on them and that transformations can begin more rapidly in you.

The vibrations of love and peace are very healing to humanity; they are very healing to anything that is alive. So if you were to say this to a glass of water, you would be transforming the water molecules into that vibration and if you were to drink that water you would be literally physically putting this vibration in your body through the water. We all know that your body is made up of a high content of water so this water would then go into your system and amplify in the rest of the water that is already in your body and raise its vibration.

Do you see how healing this can be?

Now water if a very responsive…we could call it “Being” because it does have a consciousness. It is very responsive to energy; it is very easily willing to assist any living being for it knows it is its task to do that, but it has to be treated with respect and love. It has to be treated accordingly, so be grateful to this water for transmuting itself so easily and quickly and for allowing the rest of the water in your body as it merges with it to also transmute into love and peace”

He wanted me to share this with you, to help you understand that there is more out there then what we think we know. All of the beings who work in the higher realms are connected to us and we are connected to them and work together in order to form the beautiful existences we have co-created. 

Monphiel, the Archangel of love and peace works in the 7th Ray of light and can be called upon when times of love and peace are needed in one’s life as well as in the planet.


Monica Dumont

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