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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Solar Disk and your Energy

The Solar Disk
Sometimes we are the target for other people’s negative thoughts and emotions and other times we find ourselves in situations or places where there is a lot of fear, anger anxiety etc. To avoid absorbing these negative energies into your physical, emotional and mental bodies, do the following exercise:
Visualize a golden disc of light covering your solar plexus Chakra (located above your belly button). Put the disc in place as soon as you enter and emotional atmosphere or when any negative thoughts are being expressed in your presence.
When you are feeling in an emotional state yourself, you lose a great deal of energy. You can prevent this by putting the Solar Disc in place. However, if you chose to do this you must remember to deal with the energies you are generating and you can do so by simply singing, blowing or sighing.
Doing simple things such as placing a this can make a great difference in our mental and physical health.

Monica Dumont

In love and light we heal ourselves, in love and light we heal the world.