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Friday, April 18, 2014

Hypnosis and the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

Research indicates that 15 to 20% of people in the world are born as highly sensitive. What this mean is that highly sensitive persons (HSP) are born with a more responsive nervous system.  They tend to be more reactive and aware of their surroundings and of other people`s thoughts and feelings and because of the high amounts of information they are constantly receiving, they can become easily overwhelmed by their environment.

So, I thought it would be a good idea to post something about this and to help more people become aware of this personality type.

I do think hypnosis can help HSPs because besides it being useful for reprogram the mind, it’s also great for stress management, self-esteem and to help with inner healing.

But what do you do if there are no hypnotists in your area or if you don`t want to go see a hypnotist at all. Well, to answer this, you would have to be open minded ( if you are a sensitive you will have no problems with this) and look into alternatives such as guided mediations, traditional mediation and even chakra and energy healing.

You can find more information on HSPs in Dr. Elaine Aron`s website or check out the youtube videos below. (Part one is long but very informative)

Tips for the HSP

1) Create a schedule for your day

2) Make time in your day that is just for you

3) Enjoy the beauty around you

4) Avoid obnoxious places and people

5) Explore your gifts and enjoy them


Monica Dumont, Author and Motivational trainer