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Friday, July 28, 2017

Cosmic Energy

(Names in this story have been changed for privacy reasons)
The other day, I was doing a channeled energy healing on Claire, it was during one of the first full moons we've had in the spring of 2017. As I looked at something that caught my attention in the room, I saw a Shaman dressed in ceremonial clothes. He began dancing and singing with a rattle around the healing table, so I asked him what he was doing. He told me he was doing a ceremony to help raise the vibration.
He had come to help Claire and wanted her to begin to wonder about wolves, yes you read it correctly. He wanted her to wonder about wolves and how they behaved during a full moon.
He then began to explain about the energies we receive during a full moon.
He said in order for people not to go out of balance when there is a full moon; people have to learn to align their energies to the energies that are pulsating from the cosmos. Just how the wolves understand cosmic energies and how these energies are connected to the earth.
He said, the wolves balance themselves with the energy of the earth in order to receive cosmic energies more fluidly. Unlike humans, who tend to put constant blocks to that flow because of their lack of understanding.
The shaman continued saying " you don't have to howl like a wolf, but you have to begin by grounding yourself and then sit under the moonlight (indoors or outdoors) and begin accepting the energies/rays of the moon with fluidity". In other word, see yourself being bathed by the moonlight.
By doing this, you allow for the connection of the earth energies and the cosmos to happen through your body. This allows for the smooth transition of frequencies.
When people are not aware of this, the full moon affects them in so many ways because at a subconscious level they know something is different. So once again by going into the allowance mode, by bathing with the moon light, you allow for fluidity which can bring many energetic benefits to you.
I must mention here that the shaman revealed that there are different types cosmic energies humans receive depending on the celestial event that is happening.
Before he left, he advised not to fight the energies of the cosmos nor the energies of the earth.
We are part of all those energies, but when we put resistance to them, we are saying to ourselves we are separate from the cosmos, form the energies, and therefore no flow can happen, which robes us of all the benefits we can receive from being in harmony with this flow
It has been brought to my attention that there will be a few interesting celestial events coming up in August.
  • Solar eclipse August 21st
  • Partial Lunar Eclipse August 7th
  • Full moon August 7th
Happy summer everyone,
Monica Dumont

Thursday, July 13, 2017

A conversation with the Ascended Masters - Life Purpose
Channeled May 2017.

Hi Friends,

What you are about to listen to is a conversation between the Ascended Masters and a friend who asks about his life purpose.
I hope this information serves you in some way.

Monica Dumont