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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Children of The Blue Ray

The children of the blue ray are not necessarily fully anchored or grounded in general reality. In a way, they have access to both this reality and a higher reality (a reality of a higher frequency). These children have been predicted to arrive on the planet earth around the year 2003 and are continuing to come and will continue to come for some time. Although, it is a very specific group of them, there has been a few who have come prior to 2003 in order to act as scouts for the larger group.
They bring valuable information and knowledge to the human race. Archangel Michael and the Christ are assisting these children in developing in the way they are meant to develop until they reach a specific age and are able to take off on their own. As the children tap into different realities they might seem aloof and ungrounded to you, and this is because they are not fully grounded here.
They are here and they are not, they are able to access information from higher realms, bringing creativity, inventions and actions in all forms of sciences in order to assist the advancement of this civilization.
They are bringing in a shift in energy, a shift in the understanding of the self, a shift in the understanding of that that is called reality, a shift in perceptions, shaking, moving what you like to put in boxes, what you like to put labels to. Shaking, moving your realities, showing you advancement.
It might look to you like these children might need extra assistance in your education system, when in reality these children are more advanced than what your education system can possibly comprehend. These children already possess that type of knowledge in them. Some of them continue to play the roles that are being asked to be played by their guardians, parent or teachers. Do not stop them from progressing because they do not fit in the box you want to place them in. Do not stop them from progressing because they are not your standard child, for as you stop them, you will create within them muddled ideas of their work in this reality. It is encourage for the keepers of these children to help them explore and expand more in what is being presented to them on a daily basis.
The children of the blue ray where predicted to come long ago. Here they are now.
Thank you for listening.
Channeled message for the Higher Realms by Monica Dumont
Oct. 24th 2017

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Hello dear friends,

Blessings of love to you on this beautiful autumn day.

It has been a little while since I wrote you a note. Today I thought it would be a good idea to find out more information about Deities (gods and goddesses of the ancient world). This is the information I received;
Deities, like the Ascended Masters are beings that have a vested interest in the development and the ascension of humanity. Some of them are of service bringing information, knowledge and healing to humanity - to civilizations - in order to assist this planetary system and its evolution.
They are beings who live in different dimension than that of the humans.
They are a part of the cosmic consciousness; they are a part of the Galactic council. They dedicate their existence to service.

As the Galactic council (also known as the Galactic council of light) comes together to assist; each and every deity has their own task and responsibilities to the assistance to humanity and its evolution.
Many deities work with beings from other dimensions who specialize in what is called love, so that combined they may enforce or move the energy in the consciousness of people in a smoother, faster easier way.

For love is also one of the things that humanity must remember in itself as a group, but also as individuals.

Deities have always been present throughout the civilizations that have existed on the planet and will continue to exist for they are servers of the light.

The link below is to a channeled message from the Egyptian god Anubis talking about Astral Traveling.

I received this information while doing a channeled energy healing for a dear seeker friend, who thought it would be a good idea to share it with you all.

Monica Dumont

A sacred heart

The sacred flame of the heart - The sacred flame, is found within each and every one of you, it is found in the depth of your beingness, in the depth of your consciousness.

You may find a spark of light in the middle of your chest which you can begin to acknowledge every moment of your waking day, so that the spark begins to enhance itself or grow within you; as this spark of light begins to grow within you, you begin to shift your awareness more and more to t...hat that is called love, light.

As you begin to acknowledge the light in you, you begin to acknowledge the light in others and in the energy of the events, emotions that are presenting themselves to you on a daily basis. The sacred flame of the heart can be activated within every one of you at any given moment, at any given time. 

To do this you must begin to acknowledge the light within you and begin to live your life from that perspective so that you may choose on a constant basis your divinity - the divinity inside of you.

                                                                                        - We are the ancient ones

Channeled by Monica Dumont
Sept. 2017

Friday, July 28, 2017

Cosmic Energy

(Names in this story have been changed for privacy reasons)
The other day, I was doing a channeled energy healing on Claire, it was during one of the first full moons we've had in the spring of 2017. As I looked at something that caught my attention in the room, I saw a Shaman dressed in ceremonial clothes. He began dancing and singing with a rattle around the healing table, so I asked him what he was doing. He told me he was doing a ceremony to help raise the vibration.
He had come to help Claire and wanted her to begin to wonder about wolves, yes you read it correctly. He wanted her to wonder about wolves and how they behaved during a full moon.
He then began to explain about the energies we receive during a full moon.
He said in order for people not to go out of balance when there is a full moon; people have to learn to align their energies to the energies that are pulsating from the cosmos. Just how the wolves understand cosmic energies and how these energies are connected to the earth.
He said, the wolves balance themselves with the energy of the earth in order to receive cosmic energies more fluidly. Unlike humans, who tend to put constant blocks to that flow because of their lack of understanding.
The shaman continued saying " you don't have to howl like a wolf, but you have to begin by grounding yourself and then sit under the moonlight (indoors or outdoors) and begin accepting the energies/rays of the moon with fluidity". In other word, see yourself being bathed by the moonlight.
By doing this, you allow for the connection of the earth energies and the cosmos to happen through your body. This allows for the smooth transition of frequencies.
When people are not aware of this, the full moon affects them in so many ways because at a subconscious level they know something is different. So once again by going into the allowance mode, by bathing with the moon light, you allow for fluidity which can bring many energetic benefits to you.
I must mention here that the shaman revealed that there are different types cosmic energies humans receive depending on the celestial event that is happening.
Before he left, he advised not to fight the energies of the cosmos nor the energies of the earth.
We are part of all those energies, but when we put resistance to them, we are saying to ourselves we are separate from the cosmos, form the energies, and therefore no flow can happen, which robes us of all the benefits we can receive from being in harmony with this flow
It has been brought to my attention that there will be a few interesting celestial events coming up in August.
  • Solar eclipse August 21st
  • Partial Lunar Eclipse August 7th
  • Full moon August 7th
Happy summer everyone,
Monica Dumont

Thursday, July 13, 2017

A conversation with the Ascended Masters - Life Purpose
Channeled May 2017.

Hi Friends,

What you are about to listen to is a conversation between the Ascended Masters and a friend who asks about his life purpose.
I hope this information serves you in some way.

Monica Dumont

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Archangel Monphiel

He first appeared to me in Mid-March of 2017 when I was preparing for a channeled energy healing session. He presented himself as a very tall, strong male wearing a dark cloak. He had a sword on his right side and although he showed his wings to me, I asked him who he was because I was startled by his strong appearance. He first dictated his name to me “I am Archangel Monphiel” and told me that there are many Archangels such as himself, who are not yet known to many of us. He said that we will begin to become aware of them as we (humans) continue on our journey. 

When I asked him to show himself better, he opened a very small part of his cloak and all I could see was a blinding white light coming out from it.

I have since seen him in my studio doing work on people and directing me on how to use my own divine light to help others assist themselves.

A few days ago I was doing an Astral Energy Healing for someone and Archangel Monphiel came through to speak to this person about Love and Peace. This is what he had to say:

“When you allow peace and love to enter your body, you allow it to enter your life and you allow it to begin transforming your life with the vibration of love and peace, which means you will begin to experience love and peace from your perspective, and from the people and situations around you.

But what does it mean to live through love and peace? They are not just words that I speak of; they are actually energies that you can easily access at will. When you put your will towards achieving this “in you”, you begin to move the wheels of time and existences. And these energies begin to take effect into your own personal vibration and allowing that vibration to alter itself according to these energies. So they are not just words, they are energy frequencies; we need to use words so you can understand where to go from there.

Because the words themselves carry a type of vibration in them, you can begin to chant or say to yourself “love and peace in me, love and peace in me, love and peace in me” and begin to repeat these words so that your psyche begins to acknowledge them and to tap more and more into these vibrations, but eventually we will also ask you to feel them more in more in your heart as you repeat them so that they have a stronger hold  on you, so that you can have a stronger hold on them and that transformations can begin more rapidly in you.

The vibrations of love and peace are very healing to humanity; they are very healing to anything that is alive. So if you were to say this to a glass of water, you would be transforming the water molecules into that vibration and if you were to drink that water you would be literally physically putting this vibration in your body through the water. We all know that your body is made up of a high content of water so this water would then go into your system and amplify in the rest of the water that is already in your body and raise its vibration.

Do you see how healing this can be?

Now water if a very responsive…we could call it “Being” because it does have a consciousness. It is very responsive to energy; it is very easily willing to assist any living being for it knows it is its task to do that, but it has to be treated with respect and love. It has to be treated accordingly, so be grateful to this water for transmuting itself so easily and quickly and for allowing the rest of the water in your body as it merges with it to also transmute into love and peace”

He wanted me to share this with you, to help you understand that there is more out there then what we think we know. All of the beings who work in the higher realms are connected to us and we are connected to them and work together in order to form the beautiful existences we have co-created. 

Monphiel, the Archangel of love and peace works in the 7th Ray of light and can be called upon when times of love and peace are needed in one’s life as well as in the planet.


Monica Dumont

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Sacred Flame of the Heart

Love is the universal energy that transmutes, heals and connects us all.

Love is therefore everywhere, in every cell, every action, and every breath.

Love can be accessed through our hearts. Our hearts are one of our most precious possessions, our hearts when open can give us conscious connections to others including other realms and therefore our Higher Selves.

As we continue on our journey of the purification of our hearts through every life time, we open up more and more to other realities and new knowledge. The three fold flame within our hearts also known as the violet flame can then grow as we progress on our journey and learn to transmute the energies within us and around us.

The three fold flame is the sacred flame of the heart and it consists of a pink ray, a blue ray and a golden ray together forming a violet flame.

The purifying violet flame is used by higher being such as Archangel Chamuel and The Elohim Orion. These specific beings have dedicated themselves in working in the 3rd ray, the third ray which is that of the Heart Chakra, of course there are others such as Saint Germaine and Archangel Zadkiel, who also work with the flame in order to assist in the ascension process of humanity, transmutation of the energies into love and light, etc.

Having the desire and the will to want to live from the perspective of our hearts begins our journey to finding our hidden treasures. The key is having gratitude and focusing on the good. Shifting our energies slowly through choice of thought is a gentle beginning which will bring to us great joy and clarity in our lives.

As we journey to our hearts and activate the sacred flame, groups of people can come together in meditation and prayer with the purpose of uniting their flames in service to the creator.

The Masters and Angels invite us to ask for their assistance on our journey to the open heart and in the work ahead of us.

If you need a physical friend to help you on your journey, the gem stone associated with the violet flame is the Amethyst. This crystal is one of the stones that embody the energy of the violet flame.

In love and light,

Monica Dumont,