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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Audio Meditations By: Monica Dumont

If you are looking into working with a deeper side of yourself, I have created three audio meditations: Finding Confidence from Within, Healing with Light and Finding Relaxation through Inner Peace.

I had the great opportunity to use Thaddeus’ music which I believe has helped create a great end product.The meditations are meant to be done for as long as you feel you need them. They are relaxing and very healing. 

They have been created as Mp3 downloads and are available at my website for only $6.50,, and GooglePlay.

Finding Confidence from Within
This meditation  is designed as a unique and very effective way to empower you and build your confidence level. Through self-love and acceptance your beliefs about yourself will start to change and aligned with who you want to be.

Healing with Light

This meditation is a combination of Energy Work and Neurolinguistic Programming techniques. It is an extensive meditation that will assist you in healing your emotional, physical and mental bodies. 

Finding Relaxation through Inner Peace

This Meditation will teach you to access peace at any time and place. By keeping calm and staying in your centre throughout your day, it will help you be in a good state of mind, spirit and body.

Monica Dumont,