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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Children and Hypnosis

I was asked if hypnosis could be dangerous for children and, if it wasn’t, how could it help. Being a parent myself, I thought this would be a great question to answer.

There are two common myths about children and hypnosis. One of them is that children cannot be hypnotized and the other one is that a child should never be hypnotized because they will be stuck under hypnosis.
Parents should know that their child is constantly and naturally in and out of hypnosis throughout the day.
A more logical concern with a parent who does not have any personal experience with hypnosis, is that their child may be hypnotized and reprogrammed completely to the point the child will become a different person or that inappropriate suggestions may be given to the child.

But parents should rest assured that anyone under hypnosis including children do not accept suggestions that they do not want to respond to. Hypnosis is only one mode of therapy that can allow the child to do what he or she has been striving to do on his or her own.

There are not too many Hypnotists who work with children, perhaps it is because it takes a unique person to work with some of our most precious members of our community. However, if you do find a Pediatric Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist in your area, make sure your child feels comfortable with him or her. You should also ask the Hypnotist to share the types of suggestions your child will be hearing and be willing to participate at helping your child. That includes recognizing the improvements in your child`s behavior, being positive, using visualization with your child and whatever else the Hypnotist asks you to do outside the sessions.

Hypnotherapy can help children in many areas such as:
- Improving grades
- Building Self confidence
- Bed wetting
- Fears
- Nail biting
- Concentration (such as ADD)
- Motivation
- Sadness
- Stress
- Sugar addiction
- Thumb sucking
- Conduct at home and school
- Reading
- Divorce
-Sports enhancement

Hypnosis is a great and gentle way to help children be the best that they can be. However, you would be amaze how much influence you can have on your child by just believing in them and giving them a little bit of one on one time.

Monica Dumont,