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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Children of The Blue Ray

The children of the blue ray are not necessarily fully anchored or grounded in general reality. In a way, they have access to both this reality and a higher reality (a reality of a higher frequency). These children have been predicted to arrive on the planet earth around the year 2003 and are continuing to come and will continue to come for some time. Although, it is a very specific group of them, there has been a few who have come prior to 2003 in order to act as scouts for the larger group.
They bring valuable information and knowledge to the human race. Archangel Michael and the Christ are assisting these children in developing in the way they are meant to develop until they reach a specific age and are able to take off on their own. As the children tap into different realities they might seem aloof and ungrounded to you, and this is because they are not fully grounded here.
They are here and they are not, they are able to access information from higher realms, bringing creativity, inventions and actions in all forms of sciences in order to assist the advancement of this civilization.
They are bringing in a shift in energy, a shift in the understanding of the self, a shift in the understanding of that that is called reality, a shift in perceptions, shaking, moving what you like to put in boxes, what you like to put labels to. Shaking, moving your realities, showing you advancement.
It might look to you like these children might need extra assistance in your education system, when in reality these children are more advanced than what your education system can possibly comprehend. These children already possess that type of knowledge in them. Some of them continue to play the roles that are being asked to be played by their guardians, parent or teachers. Do not stop them from progressing because they do not fit in the box you want to place them in. Do not stop them from progressing because they are not your standard child, for as you stop them, you will create within them muddled ideas of their work in this reality. It is encourage for the keepers of these children to help them explore and expand more in what is being presented to them on a daily basis.
The children of the blue ray where predicted to come long ago. Here they are now.
Thank you for listening.
Channeled message for the Higher Realms by Monica Dumont
Oct. 24th 2017