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Monday, June 8, 2015

Jennifer's Past Life Regression and Abundance

I thought you would be interested in reading some of the stories from my sharing clients. 
Through my work with past life regression, I get to discover more information about the nature of our Soul then I could ever read in any book.  Depending on where an individual is in their own awareness, in just one Past life Regression, we look at where their Soul originates, what energies it is designed to work with in particular, and what specialties it has focused on.
All of this information gives us a comprehensive overview of our Soul Purpose for this lifetime ... and it is invaluable. After all, we are here to express our Divinity into our human experience.
Today, Jennifer has volunteered to share her findings with you.

This month’s story – Jennifer’s first session
 (Permission has been given by my client to publish her story. Please note that all names have been changed for privacy reasons)

Jennifer came to my office asking if I could help her with monetary abundance. She wanted to do a past life regression because she felt that something was stopping her from reaching the level of achievement that she desired.
At first she was a bit nervous that she would not receive any information, so I explained to her how it works and told her that all she needed to do is trust herself with the information being shown to her. With my guidance she was able to go into deep hypnosis and start regressing through her current life. I continued to regress her further and further until she finally reached into a life her soul had chosen to show her.
As she found herself in this past life, I asked her to describe it to me. Here is what she said.

She was holding on to a wall of what she said was the outside of her home. Looking down, Jennifer saw her dirty and hairy feet. She laughed and quickly commented on how ghastly it was to have men feet.
I asked her to continue looking around and to report back to me. She described the area she was in as dry and sunny - a town with small roads and small houses made from stones.
Jennifer was a Jewish man named Rachamim living in the Middle East in 1207.
Rachamim had a small family; two boys and a wife. They lived in a small house with no rooms and he made his living from the woodshop he ran out of his home making furniture for people who commissioned it.
He was a committed Jewish man who lived by the scriptures and constantly immersed himself in their studies.
I asked Rachamim to go back to his childhood and to tell me about it. He remembered being a young boy of perhaps 5 years old being carried on his father’s shoulders walking towards the synagogue. It was a happy day for the town and everyone was celebrating. They had found him to be what they called “one of the chosen ones” to carry on scared knowledge.
As a young boy he understood some of the things that were happening and the commitment he was making regarding the scriptures and knowledge being given to him. At many levels, he accepted that scriptures of God came before any material gain. And so he grew up with this affirmation and because of this, through long segments of his life, he would completely disconnect from his family causing them heartaches; he did this because to him the scriptures were more important. In his mind and heart he knew he had to understand them and feel the knowledge they gave him about God.
At the end of her past life regression, Jennifer was taken to her Akashic records where she was given more information about her soul and what had blocked her monetary flow in her current life.
She was showed how in many other life times she had so much wealth to the point that she disconnected from others and became completely oblivious to people’s pain.
Her spirit guides wanted her see that when she lives an abundant life she has a tendency to get lost into whatever it is that she is either experiencing or learning.
We learned that the commitments Jennifer had made in the life as Rachamin to always put God and knowledge before wealth
had followed her and was affecting her in her current incarnation. We also learned that she has created a restriction on wealth to reduce the chances of repeating her tendency for becoming disconnected from others.
The next step in her session was to do a clearing of these emotions and old commitments. During this clearing, she was given specific information and exercises to increase her monetary flow.
Jennifer will come back to see me next month so I will able to tell you in my next Email about her progress. I hope you all stay tuned.

Monica Dumont,

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Solar Disk and your Energy

The Solar Disk
Sometimes we are the target for other people’s negative thoughts and emotions and other times we find ourselves in situations or places where there is a lot of fear, anger anxiety etc. To avoid absorbing these negative energies into your physical, emotional and mental bodies, do the following exercise:
Visualize a golden disc of light covering your solar plexus Chakra (located above your belly button). Put the disc in place as soon as you enter and emotional atmosphere or when any negative thoughts are being expressed in your presence.
When you are feeling in an emotional state yourself, you lose a great deal of energy. You can prevent this by putting the Solar Disc in place. However, if you chose to do this you must remember to deal with the energies you are generating and you can do so by simply singing, blowing or sighing.
Doing simple things such as placing a this can make a great difference in our mental and physical health.

Monica Dumont

In love and light we heal ourselves, in love and light we heal the world.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Healing Energy

Healing energy can be described as bio-electromagnetic energy because it seems to carry an electrical charge, to have magnetism and to be produced naturally by the human body. Some people can see this type of energy as colors, or sounds and almost everyone can actually feel it.

Healing energy has been used in almost all cultures and countries throughout time, yet it’s not fully understood. Both past history and current successes support the existence of such energy and the many benefits of using it. However, these benefits and successes have been downplayed, suppressed and even ignored by many in the medical field. If traditional medicine would acknowledge this type of energy then perhaps more research would be allocated to the science and medical practitioners would be able to combine both, healing energy with traditional practices to maintain a healthier society.

Here is a little exercise you can do to start to feel your energy:

1.Clap your hands a few times and rub together to activate your hand Chakras

2.Hold your hands in front of your heart area

3.With fingers together and palms facing each other, begin to move them together and apart

4.Separate for about 18 inches and let them come together as close as 1 inch

5.Do this for about 20 times

6.Sense the energy you’ve built in between your hands by moving your hands very slowly back and forth

7.Experiment by moving slowly any way you want

Till next time :)

Monica Dumont,

Sunday, January 11, 2015

What is IET?

After posting my previous blog, I was asked by a reader to explain what IET is and if I could post the other messages from the healing angels found in “The Healing Angels of the Energy Field” book. And while I cannot post all the messages, I thought it would be okay to post one more.

What is Integrated Energy Therapy?

 Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) is a power energy therapy systems. Developed at the Center of Being, by Stevan J. Thayer, IET uses the violet angelic energy ray, as brought to us through the nine Healing Angels of the Energy Field, to work directly with your 12 Strand Spiritual DNA. IET supports you in safely and gently releasing limiting energy patterns of your past, empowering and balancing your life in the present, and helps you as you evolve into your future.

IET uses a unique Cellular Memory Map® to target specific areas in the body where these “cellular memories” are stored, helping to release them on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. As these blocks are cleared, the suppressed charge of energy dissipates and your energy field is re-balanced. The more your energy body opens and vital life force can flow freely through it, the closer you move to a natural state of being: pure joy.

A Message from an Angel


The Healing angel of the 8th IET Cellular Memory are (The stomach and Adrenals or 3rd Chakra)

Archangel Sarah’s healing gift is Empowerment. Helps us clear powerlessness caused by self and others.


 Message channelled by Stevan Thayer :

It is an honor to be invited into your presence. We find that many call upon us to help them make a change and yet they fear the changes we help create. There is quite a contradiction within human consciousness. On the one hand change is desired and yet on the other hand change is feared. It is the desire for change that invites us into your life. And it is the fear of change that we work to help you overcome. However, we will not work against your human free will. While we may open every door necessary to help you evolve out of your hiding place and even hold the door open to the dream that you have come into life to live, we are passive. It is our task to set the stage, but it is your task to take action. For we cannot and will not force that action. Nor will we judge you in any way if you act or don’t act. And we have infinite patience, so we will set the stage time after time, inviting and creating the opportunity for you to step forward into the destiny that you have come to live.

If you were to call upon us, invite our presence into your life and release all fear, your life would accelerate forward with such quickness that it would make you dizzy. It would feel almost too good to be true. Our task is to break every wall that seems to hold you back. To open every door that you need opened. To link you with every soul that you need to find. And even to bring people into your life to give you the strength and courage to believe in yourself.

Please note that as we hold the door open, the threshold of life’s doorway contains a fear that you are to heal and master by your forward movement. You must cross the threshold of your own fear under your own power. We will stand before you and entice you. We will also stand behind you and support you. But only you can stand face to face with your own fear and conquer it. Only you can break the hold that the illusion of fear has on you. The very moment, the split second, that you release your fear, we will whisk you forward through a myriad of connections, opportunities and synchronistic experiences that will accelerate your life’s journey.

We only embark on tasks and align opportunities that we know you are capable of being successful in. for we work completely within your capacity for personal growth at any point in time. So in working with us, know that if we have opened a door, you are indeed ready to pass through it. You may choose not to, and that is purely your choice. Please know that we would never open a door for you that you are not capable of passing through. Know also, that as soon as you pass through one door, we will open another and another and another. For we can see the destiny of your journey while all you can see is the door that is in front of you.

Our patience with you is infinite. And if you spend your entire lifetime trying to get through a single door, it would be our joy to support you in doing just that. 

Monica Dumont,
In love and light we heal ourselves, in live and light we heal the world.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

The healing angels of the enrgy field

A little while back I got my first level certification in Integrated Energy Therapy also known as IET, after my course was over I went home and decided to order “The Healing Angels of the Energy Filed” a book by Stevan J. Thayer from The Center of Being. This little book turned out to be quite a gem, it talks about the specific angels that work with specific areas of the body (which I learned about during my training) but it also gives the reader a message from every angle. I found the messages to be quite beautiful and empowering  so I thought to post a couple of the messages here. 


Ariel is the healing Archangel of the Soul Star (8th Chakra and also of Grounding 1st Chakra)

Archangel Ariel’s healing gift is our Soul’s Mission and helps us clear our limiting human Self-Will


Message channelled by Stevan Thayer :

While there is but a single angelic presence in this realm, if you were to take and invite what you experience as different angels to introduce themselves to you one after another, you could spend the rest of your human lifetime and not meet all of the angels that are present in this realm.

We would like you to invite those angels who are most needed by humanity at this time and are especially needed by you at this time. The angels that are most needed are the ones you call the Healing Angels of the Energy Field. It is a fitting name. Please know that even though you may not know exactly which of these angels you need, the angels know and will respond instantly to your invitation.

You ask about the purpose of this vibration that you know by the name Ariel. Our purpose is quite simple. It is to bring about a state which is your natural state of being. Something you would call heaven on earth. A state devoid of a human energy called fear: A state filled with a presence of divinity you call grace. It is a state of fullness, richness and connectedness to the divine that makes the very force of life available to you.

It is an optimal state for perfect health. It is a state in which one lives in the world but is not trapped by the frailties, misperceptions, and fears associated with being human. It is our intent to reach not only individual souls like yourselves, but also to have you extend your gift to others. For as others are connected to this state of divinity though you, you will be like an earth angel, conveying the message of divine grace and divine healing through you from person to person.

You often talk about a philosophy of right livelihood, in which you serve others and earn a living in accordance with your soul’s purpose. From our perspective, right livelihood is seen as play that you are paid for: When divine energies are flowing openly through you and your soul’s mission, you will feel like a child at play. Our purpose includes helping you to discover and live your soul’s mission.

Before you incarnated, your soul worked closely with all your angels to develop the perfect mission for your human life. This mission was not only perfect for your ongoing spiritual growth and development, but the early actions of your soul’s mission fit perfectly into the overall divine plan. You waited anxiously for the opportunity to be born again into human form. You selected the parents and childhood that would set the perfect stage for you to live your soul’s mission. Having now entered your human form, your angels continue to work with you to help you fulfill you mission.

Fulfilling your soul’s mission is not a requirement, but rather; it is an opportunity presented to you in this lifetime. With the rapidity expanding spiritual  energies of your world, there has never been a better time for you to succeed in fulfilling your mission.

The plan for your mission is stored as an imprint in your human energy field. It is stored in a part of your energy field that we call your Soul Star and you call the 8th Chakra. The energy of the Soul Star creates the energetic potential for you to live your soul's mission. you will not, however, live your soul's mission until the energy of the Soul's star moves down through your human energy field and you ground it. It is our purpose for being to start by bringing each piece of the energetic potential for your soul’s mission into your awareness and then continue by helping you turn it into the very action of your life.

While you cannot read your soul’s mission as you would a book or see it laid out as you would with a map, each piece of your mission will be unmistakable to you. For it is not your eyes, but rather, your heart that can see each piece clearly. Heart’s desires, visions, longings, and dreams are not just casual feelings, but are indeed strong and important messages that your soul sends to you. They point like the needle on a compass to read the heart’s compass and find what it points to. For the very thing that you love the most, the very thing that would make you so happy to be doing that it would seem too good to be true, is the very thing that the Divine has for you to do within this life.

When you are ready to step out of your life’s rut and start to live the next piece of your soul’s mission, simply invite us to help you. While our energy is very lovingly and compassionate, when we are invited to support and guide you in your life, we are also very firm and forceful. For it is our joy to push you to the very limits of your capability and help you succeed in living your soul's mission. It is also our great delight to help you master your fears, shatter your illusions and remind you of the extraordinary truth of who you are.

When, after your human death, you return to this realm once again, we will greet you with great celebration. You will be able to see with the eyes of an angel the marvelous impact that each piece of your soul’s mission that you were able to live had on the fulfillment of the divine plan.

Please remember, your primary mission as a human being is to bring the light of heaven into your world. Angels are that light. Your heart is the lamp upon which the light can burn. Your life is the lens through which that light will shine.


Michael is the healing Archangel of the 9th IET Cellular memory Area (The Kidneys and 2nd Chakra)

Archangel Michael’s healing gift is Protection. Especially fear of living our soul’s mission.


Message channelled by Stevan Thayer :

It is of utmost importance that you would perceive a truth about the world that you live in. the world around you, and you yourself within the world, are all creations of God. And this creation is designed to enable you to live the fullest expression, not only of your hearts capacity, but also your personal delight. It is from our perspective, almost incomprehensible, how powerful the human capacity for fearful illusion is. And while it is indeed a God given gift and part of the divine plan, there are many human souls who live a human life in what you might call hell. An experience of life filled with great suffering, fighting against the very powerful negative evil forces that are indeed all of your own human creations.

While it has been said that our vibration is present, almost as a warrior to slay evil, this indeed is a misperception. And while it may be simply a matter of semantics, it is indeed to slay evil. Our presence is simply to bring forth divine light, truth, and grace with such force that you cannot hold onto your human created fear-based illusion of evil. You rid a room of darkness not by fighting the darkness; rather you bring a light into the room. Even a small light will end much darkness. We, the vibration you know as Michael, are the messengers of this bright light. A light so bright that any fear that your human self-will can create is completely eradicated by our brilliance. We do not slay the fear; we simply invite you to see another possibility for living in your world.

It is our delight to have you align your consciousness with ours. For while you perceive us to be your protection, indeed you are your own protection. For when you are aligned with the very truth of your creator, when you vibrate with the very holiness of god’s presence within your life, then you exist as a shining reflection of God within your world. Light can only attract light, and light will always dispel darkness. Aligned with our vibration, you will feel safe, confident, and protected as you journey in the world. This vibration will extend to others whom you encounter in your journeys.

Indeed we work primarily to illuminate the darkness that exist not in the world around you but the darkness of your own creation that exists within you.

God has created an entire universe for your enjoyment. This universe is created out of love. God has also given you the ability to create fear. While God has created love, humans have created fear. Fear is not bad, or even negative. It is simply a possibility of your experience within your world. By calling upon our presence, you can align with the possibility of experiencing divine grace, light, and love. It is up to you, and there is no judgment from this realm as to which choice you would make. By calling upon our name “Michael” you invite a vibration that you can perceive as the light that can end your fears. It will feel to you like we give you protection and safety. Please know that you are already protected and safe. Our energy simply helps you to become aware of it.

Monica Dumont,