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Friday, January 30, 2015

Healing Energy

Healing energy can be described as bio-electromagnetic energy because it seems to carry an electrical charge, to have magnetism and to be produced naturally by the human body. Some people can see this type of energy as colors, or sounds and almost everyone can actually feel it.

Healing energy has been used in almost all cultures and countries throughout time, yet it’s not fully understood. Both past history and current successes support the existence of such energy and the many benefits of using it. However, these benefits and successes have been downplayed, suppressed and even ignored by many in the medical field. If traditional medicine would acknowledge this type of energy then perhaps more research would be allocated to the science and medical practitioners would be able to combine both, healing energy with traditional practices to maintain a healthier society.

Here is a little exercise you can do to start to feel your energy:

1.Clap your hands a few times and rub together to activate your hand Chakras

2.Hold your hands in front of your heart area

3.With fingers together and palms facing each other, begin to move them together and apart

4.Separate for about 18 inches and let them come together as close as 1 inch

5.Do this for about 20 times

6.Sense the energy you’ve built in between your hands by moving your hands very slowly back and forth

7.Experiment by moving slowly any way you want

Till next time :)

Monica Dumont,

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