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Monday, June 8, 2015

Jennifer's Past Life Regression and Abundance

I thought you would be interested in reading some of the stories from my sharing clients. 
Through my work with past life regression, I get to discover more information about the nature of our Soul then I could ever read in any book.  Depending on where an individual is in their own awareness, in just one Past life Regression, we look at where their Soul originates, what energies it is designed to work with in particular, and what specialties it has focused on.
All of this information gives us a comprehensive overview of our Soul Purpose for this lifetime ... and it is invaluable. After all, we are here to express our Divinity into our human experience.
Today, Jennifer has volunteered to share her findings with you.

This month’s story – Jennifer’s first session
 (Permission has been given by my client to publish her story. Please note that all names have been changed for privacy reasons)

Jennifer came to my office asking if I could help her with monetary abundance. She wanted to do a past life regression because she felt that something was stopping her from reaching the level of achievement that she desired.
At first she was a bit nervous that she would not receive any information, so I explained to her how it works and told her that all she needed to do is trust herself with the information being shown to her. With my guidance she was able to go into deep hypnosis and start regressing through her current life. I continued to regress her further and further until she finally reached into a life her soul had chosen to show her.
As she found herself in this past life, I asked her to describe it to me. Here is what she said.

She was holding on to a wall of what she said was the outside of her home. Looking down, Jennifer saw her dirty and hairy feet. She laughed and quickly commented on how ghastly it was to have men feet.
I asked her to continue looking around and to report back to me. She described the area she was in as dry and sunny - a town with small roads and small houses made from stones.
Jennifer was a Jewish man named Rachamim living in the Middle East in 1207.
Rachamim had a small family; two boys and a wife. They lived in a small house with no rooms and he made his living from the woodshop he ran out of his home making furniture for people who commissioned it.
He was a committed Jewish man who lived by the scriptures and constantly immersed himself in their studies.
I asked Rachamim to go back to his childhood and to tell me about it. He remembered being a young boy of perhaps 5 years old being carried on his father’s shoulders walking towards the synagogue. It was a happy day for the town and everyone was celebrating. They had found him to be what they called “one of the chosen ones” to carry on scared knowledge.
As a young boy he understood some of the things that were happening and the commitment he was making regarding the scriptures and knowledge being given to him. At many levels, he accepted that scriptures of God came before any material gain. And so he grew up with this affirmation and because of this, through long segments of his life, he would completely disconnect from his family causing them heartaches; he did this because to him the scriptures were more important. In his mind and heart he knew he had to understand them and feel the knowledge they gave him about God.
At the end of her past life regression, Jennifer was taken to her Akashic records where she was given more information about her soul and what had blocked her monetary flow in her current life.
She was showed how in many other life times she had so much wealth to the point that she disconnected from others and became completely oblivious to people’s pain.
Her spirit guides wanted her see that when she lives an abundant life she has a tendency to get lost into whatever it is that she is either experiencing or learning.
We learned that the commitments Jennifer had made in the life as Rachamin to always put God and knowledge before wealth
had followed her and was affecting her in her current incarnation. We also learned that she has created a restriction on wealth to reduce the chances of repeating her tendency for becoming disconnected from others.
The next step in her session was to do a clearing of these emotions and old commitments. During this clearing, she was given specific information and exercises to increase her monetary flow.
Jennifer will come back to see me next month so I will able to tell you in my next Email about her progress. I hope you all stay tuned.

Monica Dumont,