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Friday, January 13, 2017

The Sacred Flame of the Heart

Love is the universal energy that transmutes, heals and connects us all.

Love is therefore everywhere, in every cell, every action, and every breath.

Love can be accessed through our hearts. Our hearts are one of our most precious possessions, our hearts when open can give us conscious connections to others including other realms and therefore our Higher Selves.

As we continue on our journey of the purification of our hearts through every life time, we open up more and more to other realities and new knowledge. The three fold flame within our hearts also known as the violet flame can then grow as we progress on our journey and learn to transmute the energies within us and around us.

The three fold flame is the sacred flame of the heart and it consists of a pink ray, a blue ray and a golden ray together forming a violet flame.

The purifying violet flame is used by higher being such as Archangel Chamuel and The Elohim Orion. These specific beings have dedicated themselves in working in the 3rd ray, the third ray which is that of the Heart Chakra, of course there are others such as Saint Germaine and Archangel Zadkiel, who also work with the flame in order to assist in the ascension process of humanity, transmutation of the energies into love and light, etc.

Having the desire and the will to want to live from the perspective of our hearts begins our journey to finding our hidden treasures. The key is having gratitude and focusing on the good. Shifting our energies slowly through choice of thought is a gentle beginning which will bring to us great joy and clarity in our lives.

As we journey to our hearts and activate the sacred flame, groups of people can come together in meditation and prayer with the purpose of uniting their flames in service to the creator.

The Masters and Angels invite us to ask for their assistance on our journey to the open heart and in the work ahead of us.

If you need a physical friend to help you on your journey, the gem stone associated with the violet flame is the Amethyst. This crystal is one of the stones that embody the energy of the violet flame.

In love and light,

Monica Dumont,

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