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Friday, December 7, 2012

Children's Personal Development Series By: Monica Dumont

I have been working on the Children’s Personal Development Series for the past few months and even though the work has been long and sometimes challenging, I have definitely enjoyed it.
This series consist of four books written in an easy to understand story, addressing different issues children face in our society today. They teach children important and positive tools that will support them for a lifetime. At the end of each story I have added an easy to follow exercise for child and parent (adult) to do together adding to the teachings the book has to offer.

Titles In This Series:

Emma The Bumble Bee: A beautiful story designed to help children believe and trust themselves. Giving the child confidence and leadership.
Emma is a young bee on her first day going out to collect pollen. Every young bee is intrusted with this important duty and Emma has to find within herself the strength and inner wisdom that is every bee’s birthright.
This book comes with a unique exercise designed to help parents support their child in developing self-trust and personal strength.

Buleblah the Sleepy Raccoon: A story about the importance of participating, and overcoming self-doubt and anxiety.
Blueblah is a raccoon who is afraid of trying things out. One day as he is taking one of his usual naps, he is awakened by a group of raccoons that help him realize that being great at something does not come automatically, but that practice, participation and patience are important keys to success.
This book comes with a unique exercise for you and your child to practice the teachings the book has to offer.

Alex and the Rabbit: A story designed to teach children simple techniques that help them stay calm and centered in times of stress. Giving the child more self-control.
Award wining book ages birth to 8
Category: Self-Esteem
Literary Classic International Book Awards Gold Level

This is a beautiful story about a little boy who takes his cute rabbit out to play and when something unforeseen happens, he and his rabbit remember the importance of becoming calm.
This book comes with a unique exercise perfect for parents and children to practice the teachings the book has to offer.

The Little Bear and The Big Bear: A story designed to help teach children how to deal with frustration, anxiety and anger. Giving the child patience and a strong self-esteem.

Award wining book ages birth to 9
Category: Developing Social Skills
Mom's Choice Award-Silver Level

This is a beautiful story about a happy little bear who meets a big grumpy bear. As they become friends, the little bear teaches the big bear how to deal with what the big bear sees as blocks.
This book comes with a unique exercise designed to help parents support their child in recognizing and dealing with frustration which many times can lead to anxiety.
At the moment they can be purchased from , Amazon and Barnes & Noble

I have created these books hoping that they will touch the hearts and lives of those who read them.
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  1. Hello! Your children's books look amazing. What a wonderful idea. :) I'd love to post a link (or this post) onto my blog---with your permission of course. Let me know.

    Always looking to expand connections within the hypnotherapy community.

    From a fellow hypnotherapist in the U.S.
    Vicki Harding
    Hypnosis in Arizona

    1. Thank you Vicky, great to make your acquaintance :) 
      You are very welcome to post the link on your blog.

      Warm regards,

      Monica Dumont

  2. Various cultures and various individuals throughout history have discussed and studied the need and ways to achieve personal development. At times it has been called "virtues", or "moral character", and in others it is referred to as "ethics". Christianity has been concerned with the "moral development" of individuals and took their "virtues" from the Bible. These are: Faith, Hope, and charity or love/agape.