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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Social Anxiety

I was asked by one of the readers to write a little bit more on how social anxiety affects a person’s body and a person’s career. So I thought this would be perfect to follow my previous blog.

When a person feels anxious particularly in a social situation such as public speaking, eating in front of others or meeting new people, the body may start to sweat, blush or shake. The person may feel nauseous, dizzy, may have an increased heart rate or even have the need to cry or go to the washroom.

In most cases social anxiety can affect a person’s career in the sense that this type of anxiety stops the person from trying out for new job opportunities or to achieve higher levels of education or training because of fear of rejection, fear of not being perfect, fear of a new environment, fear of authority figures, testing and writing in front of others etc.

When social anxiety affects a person in the form of not allowing them to speak clearly or in the form of shyness, the person may also be perceived as incompetent or as not being motivated, which can also cause a problem in that person’s self-esteem.

As a performance and motivational trainer, my advice would be for a person with this type of anxiety to frequently expose themselves to what they fear for longer and longer periods of time. The exposure should be predictable and controlled by that person.

And by no means should that person try to be perfect because there is no such a thing as perfection. An easy tip for the socially anxious person to remember is that whatever others think of them, it is not of their business. Keeping this in mind can help the person be more relaxed when dealing with others.

Now seeing a hypnotist on regards to social anxiety would probably help overcome any type of fear in a much faster way, but the person should not expect it to be like taking a magic pill, it requires work from both sides for a successful outcome.

Monica Dumont,

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